We focus on 7 elements of overall well-being

Every component of the enerGEEwhizz experience, from the vivid environment to the cognitive challenges to the exciting physical challenges, are designed to develop these core elements of health and well-being.


Play with the Doowd and you can be the best

Modern sports science has identified the CORE as the most crucial aspect of ANY sportsman’s physique and development.

Functional Fitness

Made for how you move

enerGEEwhizz brings fun exercise with real fitness benefits and growth results to individuals with zero exercise experience, as well as the experienced athlete who can fine-tune their skills and physiques.

Health & Wellness

Healthy kids are healthy kids

We believe that overall health and wellness is a life-long pursuit, made possible by creating positive daily habits. enerGEEwhizz empowers children to establish healthy habits from any age.

Cognitive Development

Check it, spot it, whack it, win it

Certain enerGEEwhizz modules incorporate memory training, hand-eye coordination training, reflex training and concentration training.


When you get your Doowd wristband, you are in the groove

For your peace of mind we have developed a wristband which will monitor entrance and exit, as well as feed back data that will be reported to the parent after each session.


You are keeping score

The child’s reaction time, accuracy and fitness are all captured in real time, recorded and compared over time to produce a record of growth and performance.

Differently Abled

It's for everyone

The nature of the facility, with illuminated indicators, light triggers and sound signals, is highly suited to children with special needs, such as Autism, Down’s Syndrome, Hearing-impairment, ADD and ADHD, and other neuro-development disorders, by aiding with cognitive development, coordination and strength.

My kids are obsessed with enerGEEwhizz – can’t get enough. So glad we finally have an activity like this available in Chicago!

Wills Francis