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By scanning their individual bracelet, participants are guided through an all-around fitness program that always includes core & cognitive development. Progress is tracked each time they visit to customize new challenges and ensure a fun experience.



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Each participant has their individual station that includes 6 suspended air-filled balls at various heights.  The colored lights shine on each ball to direct the participant through their session of hitting, kicking, punching the balls.  The gauntlet is one of the most cognitive of the modules as its exercises work on agility, reaction time, hand-eye coordination, foot-eye coordination, bi-lateral development, focus, and awareness.  We love watching the kids progress on this on one because they are working their minds and bodies, but most of all having fun!


Two spheres in the base and a set of handlebars make up a station for each participant.  The spheres and handlebars light up various colors to direct each unique workout of jumping, balancing, bouncing, and squatting exercises.  The benefits of this module are cardiovascular fitness, improved posture, core development, foot-eye coordination, peripheral vision improvement, balance, muscular endurance, and FUN!  Kids love to jump and the LOVE the Bounceline!

Wall Strike

Each participant will alternate with another participant between the wall module and strength & cardio activities on the floor and resistance ball.  On this wall module, they will be guided through their directives of kicking the targets while swinging from the upper body straps or kicking and hitting the targets from the floor.  The main focus of this module is strength and muscular endurance, but it can also be used for agility and coordination.  You will never find a more FUN way to build abdominal strength than Wall Strike. 


Each participant has their own cycle attached to the giant tower of color. The Cycline can be used as a lower-body recumbent bike while the participant sits on a balance sphere, an upper body ergometer while the participant kneels on the balance sphere, or a rowing machine, sitting on the sphere on one side of the pedals and using both arms to push and pull.  The module will guide the participant through their workout with various speeds and resistance levels directed by the colored lights on the tower and the cycle.  This module has benefits of core development, upper and lower body strength and endurance, and cardiovascular endurance. It is the coolest, most versatile cycle around and the kids love it!

Soap Bubbles

Each participant has their unique segment that includes 5 spheres of 3 different sizes set in the base.  The module will guide them through their directives of jumping, balancing, squatting and stomping on the balls with the different colors lighting the spheres.  Because each child has their unique workout, from the outside this one can look a little chaotic, but it is actually quite focused for the individual.  Beyond the fitness benefits of balance, coordination, cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance and more, the kids are learning spatial awareness, which is a hugely beneficial attribute in everything from driving to sports to walking down the street!

Shooting Hoops

All participants are guided through an obstacle course (that’s different all of the time) of lighted spheres in the base.  Additionally, the participants will throw soft playground balls into the upper receptacles for added fun and coordination.  We have never met a kid who didn’t think Shooting Hoops was the most fun, ever!  Who wouldn’t love to get their exercise jumping, skipping, hopping, squatting, and bouncing on a spiral of lighted balls making fun noises all while throwing balls into hoops? 


Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are temporarily closed for in-person classes and programs. 

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