enerGEE Challenge

The enerGEE Challenge is designed to educate and implement healthy lifestyle components for kids.  These components will include physical fitness, mental and social health, nutrition (food as fuel), and preventive health.

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Who Is It For?

Kids, second grade and up. The program is designed for ALL kids – those who might be more sedentary, who need a nutrition boost or who are sports-oriented! All kids will learn and build on lifestyle choices that will last a lifetime.

How Much Does the enerGEE Challenge Cost?

$700 for 8 weeks (includes 2nd enerGEEwhizz class weekly) Participants can purchase additional classes (punch card or membership) at 25 percent discount during the program.

What are the dates?

Challenge runs from January 22th, 2019 to March 12th, 2019. There will be a Final Party on March 12th, 2019!

What Does enerGEE Challenge Program Include?

Fitness Classes:
  • 2-5 times per week of enerGEEwhizz classes, one with the entire group (Tuesdays 5:15-6:15PM), 1-4 additional classes at your convenience
  • Tracking of additional physical activity done outside of enerGEEwhizz classes
  • Family fitness support given through virtual outlets including emails, social media, and video
  • In-person weekly education and motivation sessions after the Tuesday night class (6:15-7:00PM). This session will include a healthy dinner provided by enerGEEwhizz to be eaten during this segment.
  • Topics will follow the weekly healthy lifestyle components
  • Some topics will bring in experts.
  • The course will begin with baseline fitness testing to be used again post-program for improvement measurement
  • Fun knowledge quizzes will be incorporated throughout the program.
Point Tracking:
  • Points will be given for attendance
  • Points will be given for self-reported daily participation in the weekly topics highlighted below
  • Points will be given for “special” fun projects
  • Points will be given for fitness testing improvement
Challenge and Fun!
  • The 8-week session will conclude with a team get-together to celebrate everyone’s success – EVERYONE who participates will be a winner because of the changes they have made and education they have received
  • The high point scorer will be announced
  • The high point scorer will receive a prize package


Week 1 – Exercise 101: basic fundamentals and importance for building a long lasting healthy lifestyle* (1/22/2019)
Week 2 – Water and hydration techniques* (1/29/2019)
Week 3 – Relaxation/Mindfulness* (2/5/2019)
Week 4 – Fruits & Vegetables: how to incorporate them into your diet deliciously* (2/12/2019)
Week 5 – Social skills* (2/19/2019)
Week 6 – Protein: the building and rebuilding of our bodies* (2/26/2019)
Week 7 – Building self-confidence through healthy living habits* (3/5/2019)
Week 8 – Clean Eating: making good food choices, so our food is the best fuel (3/12/2019)

* Topics that include point tracking