Do you offer open play?

enerGEEwhizz kids fitness® is a progressive, tracked, professionally guided program, so we offer small group classes rather than an open play environment. Kids think our sessions are “play” because it is so much fun, they don’t realize they are developing both physically and cognitively!

What age do you start classes?

At enerGEEwhizz kids fitness®, we gauge by developmental milestones rather than age. Our BYOG classes are currently the first step of our programming. Those classes are suitable for kids who are walking confidently.

How can a 3 and a 6 year old be in the same class?

Our proprietary software allows each participant to have their own workout, so no matter the child’s age or their development level, they can be in the same class. Other benefits of this aspect is that no child is left behind and they are only in competition with themselves.

Do caregivers have to stay during the class?

The only class that a caregiver needs to stay for is BYOG (Bring Your Own Grownup). Our Preschool/Kindergarten, Early Elementary, and Tween/Teen classes allow for drop-off. We even have a short-term loading zone right in front of the studio to make it easy!

Can I come with them to the class?

Outside of the BYOG (Bring Your Own Grownup) class, caregivers are asked to stay in our lobby or drop the participant off. This allows the participants and coach to focus on the exercises without additional distraction. We LOVE to show off our unique space, so caregivers are always welcome to come in early for a tour!

Do you have parking?

Yes, we have FREE parking, located just south of our building. The lot is a full block from Evergreen St to the intersection where Kingsbury St turns into Scott St. The entrance to the lot is in the chain-link fence at the intersection of Kingsbury and Scott. Once in the lot, the parking spaces closest to Evergreen St along Kingsbury St are marked “Client Parking Only” and our for our customer use. Additionally, we have a short-term drop-off zone right in front of our studio and there is plenty of street parking available on weekends and evenings.



Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are temporarily closed for in-person classes and programs. 

Please follow our social media outlets and register for our newsletter for the most up-to-date notifications of potential opening dates and safety protocols as they become available.

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