Roll the Dice At Home Workout for Kids

Join us for this super fun workout that anyone can do and the kids can be a part of making!  You can either click on THIS LINK for a 45 minute workout led by the Coaches at enerGEEwhizz kids fitness or follow the instructions below to build your own!

  1. Print the templates linked below on cardstock (or adhere to cardboard or thicker paper).  You can chose to use the pre-made basic templates or the blank template to create your own (you will need four cubes for a strength/cardio interval workout)
  2. Cut the templates out and make sure to include the grey tabs
  3. If you are creating your own workouts
    • Come up with six cardio exercises and write them on each square of one cube (things like jumping jacks, running in place, squat jumps, burpees, mountain climbers)
    • Repeat with strength exercises (squats, lunges, crunches…if you have equipment available, include those exercises as well)
    • Come up with six different time intervals and write them on a cube for the cardio set (we recommend 20 secs to 60 secs to start, 45 secs to 2 mins for advanced)
    • Come up with six different repetition numbers and write them on a cube for the strength set (we recommend 8 to 16 to start and 12-22 for advanced)
  4. Fold the pattern on the solid lines to make a cube
  5. Adhere the tabs to the inside of the cube using tape or glue
    • Start with a warm-up
    • Make sure you have a stopwatch to time the exercises
    • Jam some fun music! (we like to take some dance breaks or include dance in the cardio portion)
    • Make sure to take water breaks!
    • Finish with stretching
  7. Share pictures and videos to our social media or TAG us!!!

Roll the Dice Blank Template

Roll the Dice Basic Rep Template

Roll the Dice Basic Time Template

Roll the Dice Basic Strength Template

Roll the Dice Basic Cardio Template




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