Livestream At Home Workouts for Kids - Week 2

We are excited to offer Live-stream workouts for kids during the social distancing resulting from the COVAD-19 virus.  Kids need to exercise and although we can’t bring the awesome enerGEEwhizz kids fitness equipment and program to your home, we can bring some fun at-home workouts with our coaches leading the way!  Tune in daily at 1PM CST for a different workout each day and checkout our  YouTube Channel for videos of these workouts after they are completed.

Here are the logins for each workout –

  • Saturday 3/21/20 – Soap Bubbles and Silly Strength – Using 5 different colored circles (you can find the template HERE or use construction paper or color paper plates taped to the floor) we will recreate the Soap Bubbles module at enerGEEwhizz kids fitness to do an interval workout while developing cognitive skills and color identification.  Link –

  • Sunday 3/22/20 – Run for the RacesWe’re gearing up for Race season (the Kids Run this City Race in particular) with indoor running drills and conditioning for all ages.  We will also go over proper warm-up and stretching skills to develop good running skill habits. Link –

  • Monday 3/23/20 – enerGEEwhizz kids fitness Adventures presents “A Fairy Tale” – Join us for a workout story filled with princes, and princesses, knights, and dragons.  Exercises will be incorporated into the story to keep kids engaged and waiting to find out what’s next.  Dress up is optional! Find templates here for Crown Template Dragon Mask Template Tiara Template (cut out the templates, decorate and attach ribbon or elastic) Link –

  • Tuesday 3/24/20 – “Four Square” Obstacle Course – With just tape (painters recommended for hard floors), we will create an obstacle course of different exercises that will challenge kids in a fun way! Link –

  • Wednesday 3/25/20 – Animal Exercise – We may not be able to take a trip to the Zoo, but we can make our bodies move just like the animals there do!  All exercises will incorporate animal facts, sounds, or behavior.  Link –

  • Thursday 3/26/20 – enerGEEwhizz kids fitness Adventures presents, “Ninjas– Follow the Sensei through this adventure.  Get ready for some fun kicking and punching as we use our supernatural Ninja powers throughout our workout! Link –

  • Friday 3/27/20 – Connect the Dots Workout – Using our 5 different colored circles and tape for lines, we will make a mini-obstacle course of balance, coordination, strength, and cardiovascular work that will also challenge the kiddos cognitively.  Link –


Equipment Needed –  On days that say “tape” you will need some thicker tape to make lines and/or to secure the circles to the floor.  Painter’s tape is recommended if you are on a hard floor so it doesn’t leave a mark.  For days requiring the circles, you can print the templates below and tape to the floor, use colored paper, or color a paper plate.  

enerGEEwhizz Blue Circle (1)

enerGEEwhizz Red Circle (1)

enerGEEwhizz Purple Circle (1)

enerGEEwhizz Green Circle (1)

enerGEEwhizz Yellow Circle (1)



Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are temporarily closed for in-person classes and programs. 

Please follow our social media outlets and register for our newsletter for the most up-to-date notifications of potential opening dates and safety protocols as they become available.

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