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The enerGEEwhizz kids fitness philosophy is to provide a fun, entertaining and amusing world of exercise for children, with the focus being on CORE strength, fitness, concentration, healthy lifestyle, gross motor skill development and overall coordination.

The enerGEEwhizz kids fitness health and fitness center has as its unique offering, extremely dynamic proprietary exercise stations and modules, which are a first of their kind anywhere in the world. They have been designed specifically to address many of the common exercise and developmental issues that children face in the modern world.

With child obesity being at an all-time high, enerGEEwhizz kids fitness places itself at the forefront of tackling exercise and nutritional needs, through a system of fun, challenging and entertaining exercise activities.

The General / Fitness Manager is the key leadership position in each studio.  Their role is to lead and support the Assistant Manager (where applicable), Front Desk Associate and Fitness Coach teams under the direction of the Managing Partner and Executive Team. Position requirements include but are not limited to the following:



  • The General / Fitness Manager should be able to and is required to fulfill the role of the Front Desk Associate and Fitness Coach if/when needed.
  • Studio Financial Performance
    • Consistently reach monthly revenue and sales goals
    • Manage the facility to the budget, including responsible spending and reporting
    • Analyze financial reports and create strategic responses to findings that support the business
    • Complete all necessary reporting daily
  • Studio Sales and Marketing
    • Create a strong presence in the surrounding community through execution of marketing plans
    • Develop a tight knit community within the studio and social media that is inviting to new students
    • Follow up with all new and potential participants after their first visit
    • Train and manage Front Desk Associates and Fitness Coaches through the sales process to reach their sales goals
  • Schedule
    • Operate studio class schedule to insure well attended classes
    • Keep special events and private events calendar up to date and well attended
    • Insure staff schedule is supportive of facility needs
    • Manage and appropriately approve staff schedule substitutions
  • Facility Efficiency
    • Effectively manage team member pay to insure facility is viable for the long term
    • Train and manage team members to properly capture student data and exhibit an expert level knowledge of POS system (Mindbody Online)
    • Train and manage team members to properly utilize the enerGEEwhizz proprietary software and coach classes to the enerGEEwhizz standards
    • Train and manage team members on all operational needs of the studio
  • Fitness Programming
    • Program new and appropriate workouts through the energyfront.tbr program as needed for participants
    • Evaluate coaches to make sure they are coaching to the enerGEEwhizz standards, including all safety, instructional, and motivational guidelines
  • Operations
    • Complete payroll and business reports accurately and on time
    • Make sure facility is clean and well maintained at all times
    • Track inventory of retail and food items and properly reported for proper ordering
    • Track cleaning and office supplies to insure proper amounts are kept on hand
    • Make sure all equipment preventive maintenance are completed ongoing, repairs are immediate, and all logging is completed
  • Leadership
    • Assist in hiring staff consistent with job descriptions and character expectations
    • Manage the facility by example, consistently perform all tasks at the highest level
    • Uplift all Team Members by giving them the tools to succeed
    • Assist in staff performance evaluations
    • Assist in terminations as performance or availability is not adequate
      • Document all inadequacies


Position Requirements

  • Outgoing personality with a strong desire to provide great customer service
  • Passion for fitness, nutrition, and wellness
  • Ability to teach classes weekly
  • Undergraduate Degree in Exercise Science
  • Minimum of 2 years of management experience in customer service, retail, or sales environment OR commensurate experience within enerGEEwhizz positions and mentorship
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office
  • Willingness to learn, grow, and be coached
  • Willing and able to work weekends and evenings as necessary

Application PROCESS

  • To apply, email the following documents to and follow the instructions below regarding the subject line, resume file name, and body of your email.
  • Email Subject = enerGEEwhizz kids fitness General Manager / Fitness Director Position
  • Resume File Name = Your Full Name
  • Include in the body of the email –
    • your full name
    • a recent picture
    • telephone number
    • days and times you are available to work
    •  the answers to questions 1-4
  1. 64 X 23 = ______
  2. Why would you like to coach youth and or pre and postnatal fitness programs?
  3. If you ran your own company, what would the 2 most important character traits you would look for in employees?

Please take 30 minutes to complete this personality assessment. Include your 4 letter personality type in the body of your email. 



Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are temporarily closed for in-person classes and programs. 

Please follow our social media outlets and register for our newsletter for the most up-to-date notifications of potential opening dates and safety protocols as they become available.

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