Build an Energized Calendar for National Physical Fitness & Sports Month

If there is one thing we have learned as educators of health, wellness, and fitness, it would be that the desire for people to make change ALWAYS exists.

We have no shortage of inquiries asking us about the best strategies to cope with a health challenge, how to begin a fitness regimen, or the best methods for accountability.

So, why is it that after we give the guidance, create the program, and offer suggestions do such a small majority of people stick with the change they so desperately desire?

Often times, they take on too much change, too quick.

It’s hard to implement change into a daily or weekly routine when most of us can’t even commit to a plan of what we’re eating for dinner!

What works is making small changes you can stick to. Setting achievable goalsyou can be proud to accomplish.  And, expecting it all to happen in a realistic timeframe.

It just so happens that May is National Physical Fitness & Sports month which creates the perfect opportunity to implement a small change and meet an achievable goal in a realistic timeframe!

We’ve done some of the initial leg work for you and assembled a kid-friendly, family-first list of activities and programs you can use to plan your month. These are things your child will actually WANT to be a part of! What’s even better – each one incorporates our BIG 3 fitness objectives: mental, physical, and educational! So let’s get ready to #MoveInMay!

Hike or Play in a Local or National Park

Parks are a-plenty in most communities giving children the chance to get out and be active! Modern playgrounds incorporate a wide array of equipment that challenge the mind and body all while disguised as PLAY! Not to mention, many have equipment targeted towards adults as well.

Take part in Kids to Parks Day on MAY 18, 2019. Launched in 2011, Kids to Parks Day is a nationwide celebration of the great outdoors organized by National Park Trust.

 Find a participating local, state, or national park or public land and let nature take its course. In addition to the ease of connecting and moving in some of the most beautiful protected public areas of our great America, you participate in park stewardship, STEM (science, technology, engineering and math), and showcasing the history of our country.

Find general events taking place in parks around the US here:

Dive Into Swimming

Swimming is one of those activities that really hits the mark when it comes to the FUN factor! Done solo or in a group, taking lessons or just playing water games with pals, water activities provide a great all ages outlet for low-impact fitness.

Finding water anywhere in the US is easy! From freshwater oceans, lakes, ponds or rivers to float and play in to indoor/outdoor pools and waterparks, you have options and avenues to have plenty of fun in the sun, while getting fit in May! Oh and PS – May is also National Swim Safety Month!

If you would like to find a safe way to “Make a Splash”, the USA Swimming Foundation has provided a national register for you to locate swim lessons near you!

Take a Peek at Your Local Parks and Recreation Programs

Look for classes, camps, and events to serve the interests of your child. Most community-based parks and rec programs (and even some community colleges and local libraries!) encompass our BIG 3 (mental, physical, and educational) as a standard!

While some events and programs have a cost associated, you will find more often than not the amount you invest will provide deep dividends when it comes to a worth-while experience that keeps you moving in May! Bookmark their page so you can easily find those educational, fitness or arts programs, open houses, fairs, and community-based activities or events.

Walk, Bike or Roll in Your City!

This is a NO excuses kind of activity! Take the stroller, grab a bike, board, scooter or don a pair of tennis-shoes and connect with your local surroundings! The sites, the sounds, and the smells stimulate all your senses. And, when done as a group or with family and friends – it can become a regularly scheduled activity that doesn’t feel the slightest like FITNESS because it’s social and FUN!

Right In Your Own Backyard

Believe it or not, moving in May doesn’t always require you leaving your home! Try one of our sneaky strategies to integrate fitness into your child’s day – OR – take on one of our overtly FUN tactics that your child won’t even recognize as getting them active, thinking, and maybe even learning!

  • OUTDOOR PROJECTS: If you have yardwork to do, figure a way to incorporate the skills of your child in helping you tote garden waste, plant flowers, push a wheel-barrel, mow the lawn or build a fence.
  • INSIDE PROJECTS: Inside work around the house gets kids moving too; take a load off and try to have some fun with life-skills like vacuuming, dusting, and preparing healthy meals. A quick Google search gives you all kinds of ideas for cleaning games and making chores fun.
  • OBSTACLE COURSE: Build an obstacle course in your back yard or basement; better yet – challenge your kids to come up with the obstacles, build them, and then participate in running their own course! Invite friends to play, too!
  • SCAVENGER HUNT: There is nothing more encompassing for our BIG 3 (mental, physical, and educational) than a good old-fashioned scavenger hunt! Many great ideas can be found online.  Geocaching is a next-level type of scavenger hunt that gets children outdoors hunting for “treasure” – AND, it’s a worldwide activity! So, you can literally be ANYWHERE and still be active!

For those local to our Chicago location, enerGEEwhiz kids fitness® also offers great activities, classes, and events to keep kids fit throughout the year!  Feel free to reach out and let us help find the program that works for you and your kid(s)!

Now, go out and slay your May!




Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are temporarily closed for in-person classes and programs. 

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