We are excited to offer Live-stream workouts for kids during the social distancing resulting from the COVAD-19 virus.  Kids need to exercise and although we can’t bring the awesome enerGEEwhizz kids fitness equipment and program to your home, we can bring some fun at-home workouts with our coaches leading the way!  Tune in daily at 1PM CST for a different workout each day and checkout our  YouTube Channel for videos of these workouts after they are completed.

You must pre-register online here https://mindbody.io/locations/energeewhizz to receive that day’s Zoom login and password to join the livestream event.  

Wednesday, 4/1 – Kickboxing 2 – We had SO much fun doing Kickboxing the first time, we’re going for it again with some new combinations to burn off lots of enerGEE!

Thursday, 4/2 – Strong Hearts and Strong Muscles – This workout alternates between high enerGEE continuous movement and strengthening exercises that work both the heart and our muscles. enerGEE STRONG!

Friday, 4/3 – enerGEEwhizz kids fitness Adventures presents, “The Whizzard of Whizz” Join Doowd on this magical adventure, where we exercise our way through our story, inspired by the Wizard of Oz.

Saturday, 4/4 – Plastic Cup Obstacle CourseAll you need is 8 plastic cups for a FUN exercise session of obstacle courses and fitness drills.  If you don’t have plastic cups, paper plates will do as well.  

Sunday, 4/5 – Family Fun Fitness Ideas Check our Blog and Social Media Outlets for ideas of fitness activities to do with the entire family.

Monday, 4/6 – Adventure Exercise – Super Heroes – We are SUPER HEROES!  Join us on this active adventure where we will perform exercises along with a fun story about our day as Super Heroes!

Tuesday, 4/7 – Core KidsUsing FUN balance, coordination, and strengthening exercises, we will work on core development, which is important for everything kids do from sitting to playing a musical instrument to sports!

Wednesday, 4/8 – Animal Exercise 2We may not be able to take a trip to the Zoo, but we can make our bodies move just like the animals there do! All exercises will incorporate animal facts, sounds, or behavior.  We will incorporate NEW animals for this session!

Thursday, 4/9 – Adventure Exercise – Olympic Games – The Summer Olympics may have been postponed for another year, but we are going to follow our friend Doowd through a story of Olympic Games training and competition!

Friday, 4/10 – Get In Line WorkoutAll you will need for this FUN workout that incorporates running, jumping and hopping, balancing and strengthening is 6 pieces of 18″ colored tape (painters works best for removal).  

Saturday, 4/11 – Adventure Exercise – Planes, Trains, Automobiles, and MORE! – We’re traveling through this adventure with every type of vehicle possible.  What will we see?  Join us to find out!

Sunday, 4/12 – Family Fun Fitness IdeasCheck our Blog and Social Media Outlets for ideas of fitness activities to do with the entire family.

Monday, 4/13 – Math Attack ExerciseLet’s work our bodies AND our Brains!  All exercises will be math based…simple addition and subtraction, multiplication and division will be incorporated into our workout session!  SMART FITNESS IS FUN FITNESS!!

Tuesday, 4/14 – Adventure Exercise – Space Camp – This workout will be far out…in space that is!  Join us on this fitness adventure that will have us traveling from NASA headquarters to outer space!

Wednesday, 4/15 – Kiddo Cardio Kickboxing 3 – We had SO much fun doing Kiddo Cardio Kickboxing the first two times, we’re going for it again with some new combinations to burn off lot of enerGEE!

Thursday, 4/16 – Four Square 2With 6 3ft long pieces of tape (painters is recommended) making a square cut into four equal pieces, we will make a four square that can be used for agility, coordination, balance, cardiovascular, strength, and cognitive training.  Best part…kids will love it!

Friday, 4/17 – Adventure Exercise – Ahoy Matey – Grab your sea legs, because we’re heading out to the high seas for an exercise adventure like none you’ve ever seen.  It’s a lot of work captaining a boat, so be ready to exercise!

Saturday, 4/18 – Soap Bubbles 2Using 5 different colored circles, we will make a pyramid on the ground to simulate the enerGEEwhizz kids fitness Soap Bubbles Module.  We will use these circles to jump, hop, squat, and much more to get a fun session of exercise!  This will also challenge each child cognitively just like at enerGEEwhizz.  

Templates for the circles can be found here







The pyramid should have red (right) and yellow (left) on the bottom (with the width and a half of another between, blue (right) and green (left) in the middle with less space between, and purple at the top

We recommend laminating the circles if you can (you can also just make your own) and taping them to the ground.  you can also make tape marks with the colors written on them (if your child can read) or put a little piece of that color on the tape.  


Sunday, 4/19 – Family Fun Fitness IdeasCheck our Blog and Social Media Outlets for ideas of fitness activities to do with the entire family.

Monday, 4/20 – Adventure Exercise – Aladdin – We’ve got some wishes coming and one of them is that you join us for this fun fitness adventure with Aladdin!  This magic ride will take you to new and exciting lands!

Tuesday, 4/21 – Alphabet Exercise26 letters in the Alphabet means 26 exercises to go with those letters!  We will be incorporating these letters into our workout with fun variations of exercises that begin with the letters or look like the letters.  

Wednesday, 4/22 – Strength and LengthOur muscles need strengthening and they need lengthening.  We will be incorporating strength moves and yoga moves with lots of FUN for a workout that will build and stretch our muscles!

Thursday, 4/23 – Adventure Exercise – When Dinosaurs Walked the Earth – We’re going back in time to roam the earth like the dinosaurs did!  Join us on this fun adventure where we will learn fun facts about dinosaurs as we imitate their movement.

Friday, 4/24 – Balance & BallsAll you need is a playground ball for this fun workout that will work on balance, coordination, and fitness skills.  

Saturday, 4/25 – Adventure Exercise – Beauty and the Beast – This story has it all…a Queen, an evil fairy, the Beauty and of course, the Beast.  Will they live happily ever after?  Join us on this adventure to find out!

Sunday, 4/26 – Family Fun Fitness IdeasCheck our Blog and Social Media Outlets for ideas of fitness activities to do with the entire family.

Monday, 4/27 – Connect the Dots 2 –  Using our 5 different colored circles and tape for lines, we will make a mini-obstacle course of balance, coordination, strength, and cardiovascular work that will also challenge the kiddos cognitively. 

Tuesday, 4/28 – Adventure Exercise – Doowd and the Beanstalk – We need to help Doowd and his poor mother.  Join us on this adventure full of surprises along the way!

Wednesday, 4/29 – Hop, Skip & Jump – What kid doesn’t like to hop, skip, and jump?  We’re going to use variations of these fun activities to have a great workout!

Thursday, 4/30 – Adventure Exercise – The Three Bears – This adventure is “just right”!  Kids will have a blast exercising through this long-favorite children’s story.



Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are temporarily closed for in-person classes and programs. 

Please follow our social media outlets and register for our newsletter for the most up-to-date notifications of potential opening dates and safety protocols as they become available.

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