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Each exercise station has been created to support every child. From working on coordination and posture to improving stamina on the playing field, our highly imaginative programming to keep both the mind and body engaged, for an intense and fulfilling exercise experience.

The Experience

enerGEEwhizz kids fitness® is to get children to exercise without them even realizing they’re doing so. Through highly imaginative, never-before-seen exercise modules, we keep children entertained, focused and coming back for more.

Why enerGEEwhizz kids fitness®?

No other program or facility offers what enerGEEwhizz kids fitness does.  Within just one studio we have a limitless amount of offerings. Because everything is so customized, we work to develop each child’s unique skills and abilities. From physical, cognitive, and social benefits to health & wellness education, enerGEEwhizz kids fitness is your child’s (and family’s!) one need to build their best self for life.

Functional Fitness

Progressive programs that work for the “non-athlete” to the fitness buff

Differently Abled

Fitness for every kind of kid

Health & Wellness

Healthy habits can be learned at any age, even toddlers!

Cognitive Development

Not only helps the physical body, but the mind too!


Builds core strength & core control; the most important needs of athletes in all sports


A personally identifiable wristband monitors entrance, exit and feedback from coaches


Tracking reaction time, accuracy and fitness all in real time helps to identify individual needs to create progressive exercise programs

Our Approach

The enerGEEwhizz kids fitness® approach to exercise for children is all about the INDIVIDUAL. Each participant competes with THEMSELVES, therefore building self-confidence in an environment which uses fun, progressive physical-cognitive development techniques to carry out the unique exercises. enerGEEwhizz kids fitness is for EVERY child, regardless of fitness level or sports ability. It’s SMART to have FUN while getting FIT at enerGEEwhizz kids fitness!

The Results

Outcomes are proven and tracked for every child.  Kids who participate in our programs benefit by increasing their physical fitness, building social and emotion skills, and developing cognitive abilities.  The combination of these attributes form a well-rounded holistic foundation that children can build upon for life to create long-term healthy habits. 



Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are temporarily closed for in-person classes and programs. 

Please follow our social media outlets and register for our newsletter for the most up-to-date notifications of potential opening dates and safety protocols as they become available.

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