Where Smart Fitness Meets Fun

enerGEEwhizz is a brand new, highly unique exercise facility. This revolutionary form of interactive, fun exercise is designed for toddlers to young teens, as well as for pre and postnatal mothers. Are you ready to experience enerGEEwhizz?

The Experience

enerGEEwhizz is designed to get children to exercise without them even realizing they’re doing so, through highly imaginative, never-before-seen creative exercise modules, which keep the children entertained, focused and coming back for more.

enerGEEwhizz also offers fitness and exercise courses for the prenatal and postnatal mothers. We support moms with the advocation and information to assist in a healthy pregnancy, at every stage. Our professional staff of experienced educators understand that not every term is the same. Therefore, we take a dynamic approach, given the capabilities of each individual to provide the appropriate modifications necessary to achieve the maximum wellbeing of you and your child. Our guidance continues post pregnancy to provide for the safest, most effective nutrition and exercise practices to help you achieve your goals. enerGEEwhizz will positively motivate and consistently educate in a fun, safe environment.

Why enerGEEwhizz?

Young children today are leading increasingly more sedentary lifestyles. Hours and hours of sitting at a desk, on a couch, in front of the television or computer, as well as general inactivity, all result in weak core muscles. This modern day lifestyle, together with incorrect eating, sugar addiction and junk food, is manifesting in childhood disease like diabetes and the onset of childhood obesity.

enerGEEwhizz places itself at the forefront of tackling these problems, using an engaging, thrilling fitness experience, focused on ensuring children have fun while improving their overall health.

Our Approach

The enerGEEwhizz approach to exercise for children is all about the INDIVIDUAL. Each person competes with THEMSELVES, therefore building self-confidence, in an environment which uses play and imagination to carry out the unique exercises.  enerGEEwhizz is for EVERY child, regardless of fitness level or sports ability.  It’s SMART to have FUN while getting FIT at enerGEEwhizz!

The Results

Children who experience the enerGEEwhizz program are holistically developed both in body and mind. They achieve greater self-confidence, body awareness, and ability to make healthy decisions in their life.

I had so much fun, I wish I could live here!

Tyler Coslow, Age 10, Chicago, IL

Who Is The Doowd?

Doowd is the coolest guy in town. He heads up the Doowd Squad at enerGEEwhizz, where he is his own hero. And he wants to share with you his special way to move, explore and have fun. Such fun that once you start, you won’t want to stop. You can come alone or you can bring your friends, but whatever you do, don’t miss out.