#energeewhizz Contest Announced!

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The enerGEEwhizz Staff is jumping for joy about the announcement of the #energeewhizzcontest. Get your kids ready to tell everyone the answer to “What is enerGEEwhizz?” in a video, picture, or story! The deadline for submissions is 6/15/18. To submit, email address he video, picture, or story to info@enerGEEwhizz.com with your child’s name and DOB along with your name and any of your social media handles. We will be uploading all of the submissions on 6/16 to start the voting. Voters will need to like our Facebook Page and/or follow us on Instagram (if both, they can vote on both). The top three submissions will be enerGEEwhizz Ambassadors for a 3 month period and receive enerGEEwhizz swag. 1st place will receive a 3 month unlimited membership to enerGEEwhizz classes, 2nd place will receive a 10 pack of classes, and 3rd place will receive a 5 pack of classes. Start spreading the word! #whatisenergeewhizz

I had so much fun, I wish I could live here!

Tyler Coslow, Age 10, Chicago, IL