Meet Austin Konchar, enerGEEwhizz Fitness Director & Coach

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Doowd took a few minutes to get to know the enerGEEwhizz Chicago Fitness Director, Austin Konchar!

Doowd – “Where are you originally from?”

Austin – “Portage, IN”


Doowd – “What is your favorite quote?”

Austin – “It’s not who are underneath but what you do that defines you.”


Doowd – “What is your favorite food?”

Austin – “Steak Fajitas!”


Doowd – “What do you do when you’re not hanging with me at enerGEEwhizz?”

Austin – “Working out, riding my bike, enjoying the weather, or playing hockey.”


Doowd – “What did you do before enerGEEwhizz?”

Austin – “I was teaching physical and health education at an elementary school in San Francisco while also spending my Summers playing professional hockey in New Zealand.”


Doowd – “What would most people be surprised to know about you?”

Austin – “Most people are surprised that I have lived and played hockey in every corner of the country as well as overseas.”


Doowd – “Thanks Dude!”

Austin – “Thanks Doowd!”

My kids are obsessed with enerGEEwhizz – can’t get enough. So glad we finally have an activity like this available in Chicago!

Wills Francis